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To: Jeff Rambo, et al.
From: spinn
Subject: hah.

Guys: if you thought that was so objectionable, then it's best you let me go now. It's better to be done up front than farther down the line when there was some other opinion of mine you found unpleasant. You hired me for being opinionated; you fired me for being opinionated. Fine. Not that I was ever really hired in the first place, really. Never saw any actual work.

Some points:

As I had it stressed to me that internal materials aren't as strictly monitored as public materials, and that posted requirements in the corporate policy as regards message quality don't necessarily apply to internal materials, I think it was reasonable to assume that I wasn't required to keep a corporate calm in every message. Under normal circumstances, I'd've at least have expected a warning before summary termination, but in this case, it's probably more that you didn't like what I was saying. If you can't take my criticisms (which, as I said, were intended to show you what was lacking, in the hopes of making iSourceline better), then good luck knocking down doors and busting out the old boys, and all.

Since I can't access the internal materials now, of course, I can't check this, but I could've sworn there was something about keeping profanity out of materials, and that it'd only be acceptible when used sparingly in quotes. From what I remember, the only profanity I had there was in a direct quote, and since it was only once in a large-ish document, that was sparingly. Not that I was concerned about it at the time, but even if I was, I'd've still figured that was within guidelines.

I can't imagine the tone of what I wrote there wouldn't show up in any opinion piece I might have written for you. I mean, if you wanted my attitude, that's the sort of writing you'd want, right? I'm all ventful, remember. So I can only see the problem being that you didn't like it directed at you.

So basically, I can't see how your stated reasons for dropping me could be true. If you're going to fire me because "we don't like your attitude," then at least just say so. Although, I hope you'll see the irony there, as I do. But if you're so sensitive that you're going to fire me for stating my opinion--I mean, if you can't say "Greg, you need to calm that down, but we appreciate your willingness to help us improve," and understand what a useful resource I could be--then you don't deserve me.


Here's what that "ventful" comment was about: on the internal bulletin board, they had bios of everyone involved with iSourceline. As far as I know, they just make them up for most people. Mine said something to the effect of "He likes to vent about things that make him ventful."

Should've added that to the "warning sign" pile, I suppose.

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