Or: A Monument To My Childishness

In March 1998, I decided the SpinnWebe look needed an overhaul. It was previously light text on a dark background, and I'd been wanting to make it dark text on a light background for a while. But I still wanted to keep it creepy, which is difficult to do for a light background.

So I made some new front page graphics, which I liked 'cos I was going for "disturbingly organic". Mostly everyone liked them, but a lot of people were down on my background. (Here's the text of this page with that background, so you can see.) Now, okay, I dislike hearing negative stuff about my graphics or other creations, but I can generally handle criticism. But what was really starting to piss me off were the messages telling me what to do. This one's my favorite:

I basically can't stand the pink/tan backgrounds. The rest of the new look is good. I like the new typography. Keep that. Lose the pink.

I will wander elsewhere, if this doesn't change at some point soon.

I could rant about how much that pissed me off, but you can probably see it enough already. My point was, I'm willing to take negative comments, but these demands to change my site were really getting to me. Someone had pointed out that the background looked bad in 256 colors--duh on me, I hadn't checked on that. Valid gripe. But this fucker demanding I change or I'm not gonna have the pleasure of his company...ooh.

So, just before I left for work on March 31, I got one too many comments about the background. Someone suggested I should read 6 or 7 pages of 1-900-zweblö7 messages and see what the text was like. Well, geez, don't you think I've actually done that? And haven't I already made the decision that I like it?

Okay, typing this now, I realize I forgot the 256 color thing, so maybe I hadn't checked it, he didn't know. But that was it, for me. I fumed about it on the way home, and when I got there, I decided I was gonna inflict visual pain on everyone. I changed the colors to this for a day and let the mail roll in.

(For those of you who lived through it: if it helps any, I was creating my Major Updates page that day, and I use standard body includes on my whole site, so I had to read through that color myself. It gave me a headache in 15 minutes.)

I was on cu-seeme with some friends, and this is how I described it:

spinn [1]: x, you'd appreciate this
spinn [2]: go look at my site
Racer_X [0]: ok spinn
Racer_X [0]: heheh, nice colors.
spinn [3]: yah
Racer_X [0]: i hope thats not a perminant change spinn, just for the day right?
spinn [8]: yesterday I got one too many messages from people telling me what I should and shouldn't do with my colors
spinn [9]: how what I was doing was wrong for a variety of reasons
spinn [10]: so I decided to punish them for a day
Racer_X [0]: hehehe
Racer_X [0]: thats funny
spinn [11]: yah
spinn [12]: I knew you'd appreciate it
Racer_X [0]: you should have dedicated it to them
Racer_X [0]: put there names on the front page
Racer_X [0]: heh
spinn [13]: well, the key is not telling people that's why
spinn [14]: because I wouldn't get mail from people telling me how much they hate this color
spinn [15]: so the actual background I want will be blessed relief
Racer_X [0]: i never noticed anything wrong with the colors befor
r0r0@werk [247]: I don't like the red background
spinn [17]: no fuck, ro
Racer_X [0]: hehehe
Racer_X [0]: r0r0 is SLowSlow
spinn [18]: I spent fifteen minutes last night crafting the hex codes for maximum pain
Racer_X [0]: the most pain is blue back red lettering
spinn [22]: that would hurt
spinn [23]: but there's a balance to strike there tho
spinn [24]: make it too impossible and people will just go away
Racer_X [0]: oh
spinn [25]: like I've always said, my hell will be an arcade full of great video games with controls that only sorta work

Later, I had that conversation with someone else...

spinn [112]: oh! dan
spinn [113]: you'll appreciate this
spinn [114]: look at my page
spinn [115]:
D'anathema [24]: yeah. I'ts bookmarked
spinn [116]: I recently changed the color and background and stuff
spinn [117]: and people have been griping
D'anathema [25]: Now /thats/ irritating
spinn [118]: actually /telling/ me what I should do with it
D'anathema [26]: ;)
spinn [119]: yah. so last night I finally got one such message too many
spinn [120]: so I decided to hurt them for a day
D'anathema [27]: Wait. It isn't blinking.
spinn [121]: heheheh
spinn [122]: fuck
spinn [123]: I shoulda thought of that I left this one on for a couple hours, if you have a browser that can still manage a blink tag.

So the moral of the story: DON'T FUCK WITH ME, 'cos sometimes I can be really petty.