The two most amusing letters

Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 00:10:59 -0600
From: Brian Wilson

Uhm, about this background....

It hurts.

It isn't just bothersome.  It isn't just an annoyance.  It isn't
just a minor problem.  It is a sheer, stabbing pain that thrusts
itself deep through my eyes until it penetrates my brain, causing
it to cry out in horror.  It makes me squirm in my chair until
collapse, rolling on the floor, overcome by seizures of pain.
My cats cry out for mercy and tear from the room, falling over
eachother and knocking books off the shelves in a desperate attempt
to escape the computer screen.  Somehow I am able to sit back down
again and face the monstrosity.  Via a superhuman effort of will,
braced only by the back of my solid computer chair and an almost
unshakable belief in God and all that is Holy, I am able to bear
it long enough to type these oberservations and comments, and 
plead with every ounce of strength I can muster for you to return
the background to some semblance of its former self and remove
this monstrosity which you seem to have created.

Brian Wilson


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 08:40:10 -0600
From: Jason "Now Blind" Rigler

Cuz pink makes me high as a kite?

Good god, man!  I think just typing these comments into the web site
at the same time as having it up is causing those Chinese-New-Years-
esque sparks to fly from my monitor.  Man wasn't meant to view this 
color!  You tamper in God's domain!

PS, I'm suing for new retinas.


Now here's what I don't are a few comments I got from people who, uh, I dunno...seemed like they thought I was doing this color because I thought it was a good thing? How can you look at that eye-frying combo and think it's meant for anything other that to hurt you?

From: Alexander Shearer

However, red is a bad background color. I have no moral objections to 
red, but it makes the text really damn hard to read (by comparison, 
the pink mottling was rather soothing).
From: (Tracy)

Please, please, please, change the background and/or the text color
and/or the link color. The contrast among these is so low, it's
almost impossible to read.
From: (mark malowany)

Make the colors stop -- they're hurting my brain! Please, I BEG you -- contrast!
From: (Stephanie Daval)

The new red background makes it very difficult to read words highlighted 
in pink.  And it's more noticeable at work.  How about black and white?

The red background is really awful.  Please change it back.
From: (Ben McClellan)

PLEASE change this hot pink background!  It's too hard on my eyes, not to 
mention that you can't see the names with e-mail or web page links on the 

(Of course you can't. That was the point. Good point about being too visible at work, though.)

From: (War Gerbil)

Re the red background....the pink was frightening, but the red is really 
difficult to see any of the text against...either it or the text color 
needs to change.  -War Gerbil

Needs to change, huh? Anything else on my site that needs to be done?