Schumin: Hot or Not testing

If you've never seen Hot Or Not, here's the premise: people post pictures of themselves, and visitors rate the relative hotness of the victim on a scale of 1 to 10. Seems like a dopey idea from the submitter's point of view: like zompist said, "nice to know that they've figured out how to webify peer humiliation."

But from the user's (and administrator's) point of view, this thing is brilliant. It's instant gratification combined with advertising. Everything you do leads immediately to another picture. No futzing around with submit buttons. No "your input has been recorded, click here to go to another picture"...the next one's right there.

But how do the ratings go? For the women, it's a pretty simple formula: blonde, flesh, and skinny gets you 8 and above. But for the men? A woman's attraction to a man is generally a more complex thing, not easily conveyed in a low-compression jpeg. (Not to say that gay men aren't voting as well, but statistically they're in the minority.)

So how do we get a sense of the voting for men? Well, we need a base picture to start testing. So, we'll start with a picture of our favorite Smug Bastard Savant, Ben Schumin.

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