Schumin: Hot or Not testing

Whoa! Pull up, Schumin, pull up! I thought for sure that anything with that scene from Titanic on it would get an automatic .5+, but he's down .4 from where he started. I suppose there's an irony that this picture is part of a slow, grinding passage to disaster.

I could see a couple possible reasons for this:

1) Wearing something that makes you look gentle and caring probably only works if you're a hunk. If your puppydog t-shirt isn't slightly rippled by the rock-hard pecs beneath it, you'll just come across like a big pussy.

2) Having such a big shirt design, associated with such a big heavy object, probably brought some negative attention to Ben. (Ben, if you get the urge to compare yourself to an ocean liner, don't pick the Titanic.)

This picture (and the others that follow) got complained out. Apparently the regulars were getting used to seeing Schumin. Which leads to a whole other discussion: regulars?

So the tough guy angle tanked; the nice guy angle tanked. Next, I figured I'd try giving Ben some context.

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