Schumin: Hot or Not testing

Total weighted average: 2.1

So I just went to town on Ben, girlfriend...I evened out his skintones, just a hint eye of blush, shaped those eyebrows because they were just a disaster...picked out a knockout red for his lips, and used a special shade of brown for his eyes, because Ben is so an Autumn...

erm. So, I put him in on the "women" side. I had to re-post it a number of times, because it kept getting voted out, but the sheer weight of desperate wankers insured I'd be able to get a fair count to compare to the other ratings. He got 16 votes that averaged to 2.6, 96 at 1.9, 74 at 2.1, and 81 at 2.2, for a grand total of 267 votes at 2.1.

Which the astute reader will notice is exactly the rating Ben started with. Which means we can We can say that...erm. Well, I don't know what we can say about that, really. Maybe something around the relative horniness of males or the opening of Ben's lifechoice possibilities, but I'm not really disposed to discuss either.

Next: conclusions.

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