Schumin: Hot or Not testing

Conclusion: dude looks like a lady

No no no no, wait a minute...this isn't about Schumin, it's about Am I Hot Or Not. Okay.

Conclusion: The women are looking at the pictures just as superficially as the men. As different personality aspects made no difference, I can only figure that the constant downward scoring was because they were getting tired of looking at Schumin. Not that I blame them--I had to write something about his lips on the last page. Euuughghgh.

We can also conclude that the guys are really hard up. 2.1 for a trannie Schumin, man. The girls that get 1.1 must have one breast and a canker sore the size of a dinner plate.

maime, Raven (makeup tips)
Debb (the "dude looks like a lady" line)


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