The Weird Thing

So here's what happens:

Sunday afternoon, there's this pretty bad thunderstorm in Lancaster. I'm driving past the sign, and I see that some of the letters have blown off. I curse a lot. Of course, I'm going to have to go back Sunday night and fix it. I'm driving by too quickly to tell the extent of the damage, and I can't stop because other cars are behind me.

I get there around 11pm, dressed in full battle gear. The letters on the sign are mostly in place--it looks like most of the damage is in the first line. However, there's two strange things going on:

I'm stunned by this for a few seconds. So at this point, to the best of my recollection, the sign reads:

   COYO E  I   O LY,

But I don't remember for sure. I don't want to take a picture of it, for fear of lighting up the whole countryside before I'm finished. Whatever. I simply can't come up with any explanation why the O would be where it is.

Anyway. So now I'm about to put the sign back to the way it was, when I realize an I and T are missing. I look around on the ground for them for a minute, but can't find them. So now what? I think about it for a minute, and realize I'm going to have to do a field rewrite. I don't have much hope, though, as I've already said I'm bad at anagrams, and I'm currently laying down in the grass on private property at 11pm wearing all black with a flashlight on my head.

Still, necessity is the mother of et cetera, because this one comes to me:


with the N, R, and comma left over. I get them together, in a neat pile, and put them on one of the cinder blocks holding down the sign.