Stories: Word of God

Written December 2002

We moved to Chicago in 1997, and got our first apartment in June or so. I was up here working, while Debb was back in Pennsylvania packing our stuff (which still astonishes me). This meant there was some lag time between when I was living here and when Debb was living here, so I took some time to explore the neighborhood. One thing that surprised and delighted me was that there were two magic shops within walking distance. Another thing that surprised and delighted me was Quoteman, but that's another story I'll write up some year.

Yet another surprising delightment started on the window of an Asian travel agency:


Note the small slip of paper just above the Hawaii sign. It was taped to the window on the outside, and after reading it...well, I didn't want to mess with it. I took a picture:

Word of God!

Whoa! "Sword that comes out of my mouth," you say. Okay, for full disclosure, the agency picture above is photoshopped, because I've since lost the original, but that's the agency window and that's where it was. Regardless, I mean. Whoa! It was a Sunday and the place wasn't open, so I took down their number and resolved to call the next day.

And by God, I did. Monday morning, I called them and got a woman on the phone.

"Hello, [whatever the name of the place was], how may I help you?"

"Hi, I was there yesterday, and I saw a note taped to your window. Is that, um...I mean did anyone who works there put it there?"


"There's a note taped to your window, I just thought you should know about it."

"No, I don't know what--oh, yes, I see it. Hold on a second?"


Short pause as she goes to the window. I'd bet the pause also involved some boggling.



"You were right, there was a note there, and it has this strange religious writing on it."

"Yeah, I thought so. You didn't know about it?"

"No, I didn't."

"Ah, well, I just wanted to let you know."

And I hung up. I had no idea what the note was about, and no way of ever following it up, so I more or less decided to chalk it up to the randomness of the universe.

That is, until I found the next one.

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