Stories: Word of God

A few days later, I was walking to the El to go to work, when something on a phone booth caught my eye. It was a small rectangular strip of paper taped just above the phone. Not even daring to hope for fear of jinxing it, I walked over, and yep, there's the Word of God again, giving us a little backstory:

More Word of God!

Always nice when they flesh out the character, isn't it? It's not the origin story, but that probably won't be revealed until they come out with Word of God #0.

So for a moment, I stared at the phone booth, dumbstruck. Not only was this a serial loony, but here I was with the dumb luck to trip into another one in a high-traffic area where anyone could've ripped it down. I didn't have a camera with me this time, though, so I ripped it down myself.

I went to work, came home, and showed Debb my prize and explained how I got it. This was years ago so I don't recall the details, but I'll bet I was bouncing. Debb suggested getting in the car and looking for more, since the existence of both of them implied this person was going around denouncing the hell outta the place. I have to admit this wouldn't have occurred to me, because I was still too astonished I found two. Could it be possible...maybe there'd be another note somewhere, threatening the machete that comes out of his butt, or something?

Turns out it was an excellent idea, though, because right away she spotted this one outside a liquor store (it was roughly the same size, but for some reason I scanned this one smaller):


Pretty much the same as the first one. I wondered, does he fill out a bunch of them beforehand, tape them places he finds questionable? Does he have places in mind, keep a list in his head, go home and scribble up as many as he needs, go back out and warn of his mouth-based weaponry?

Didn't find any more that day, but a few days later, I spotted another one on a phone booth at a gas station about a mile away from the others:


Okay, Word was commendably speaking out against beepers, but damnit, now he tells me my soul is God Damned to Hades for taking these things? Geez, I got two others already, I was pretty firmly damned, that's for sure. Well. No reason not to take this one too, then. Or...actually, for that matter, any others I'd run into! Gee, thanks, Word! That was a real weight off my shoulders.

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