Stories: Word of God

By October 2002, I'd spent 5 years with this damn story in my head, and grumbling to myself that I should get it written up. Clearly the only thing that would push me into it was a sign from God--or, failing that, the Word of God.

I was passing a closed funeral home when I noticed an odd pattern of stickers on the window. Looking closer, I saw they had writing on them.

I started reading. Wait...could this be? Was Word back in the Game?

Well, it was certainly some entertainingly off-kilter religious person, anyway. Still, it'd been five years, and there's no saying there can't be another spouting oddball who likes sticking religious messages on public property...

In the end I decided this probably was Word, after all. The content wasn't really the same and the handwriting wasn't too similar, but some of the rambling snippets were too similar for me to ignore. I wondered if this meant he'd been locked up for five years and he was back on the loose, or maybe he'd been medicated since the first incident and he started forgetting to take his pills. Either way, I'd bet his handlers were happy with his progress: his writing wasn't as obsessively controlled, and I didn't see any mentions of holy piano wire coiling out of his nostrils.

Not that I could get through all of it. I start trying to follow the text, and my mind wanders off halfway. I've made a mosaic of pictures of the entire thing, but it's huge--around 650K--and if you want to try working through it yourself, be my guest.

And that was the last I'd seen of Word.

...OR WAS IT???

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